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Game Girl’s Game of the Week: Chroma Crystal Ornaments

Friday, December 4th, 2009

I know you are probably running around trying to find that perfect gifts for family and friends. You overslept on Black Friday and just have been hoping that there will be more deals out there. I have the perfect idea this week that will take care of everyone on your list, including your Secret Santa!  I couldn’t believe that I have discovered something that will make everyone happy this year.  You are going to love me when you are able to sit back and relax while everyone else is still hoping for another Black Friday deal!    

This week it’s about the Glass Crystal Ornaments!  I know what you’re thinking but for real…this is not just any ornament!  It’s a Glass Crystal Ornament that you can personalize with a photo inside.  You will have everyone talking year after year when they pull out this special ornament for their holiday decorating.  And with clients, this is a no brainer!   Your clients don’t need another fruit basket with bad jellies and stale crackers or those boring calendars!   Imagine their surprise when they receive that special gift with that photo you took at your last event.  This is the gift that really does keep on giving. 

These special ornaments can be done at your next event.  This will make this one of the most memorable events they’ve ever attended. Let me know how we can make this part of your next event.  There’s still time to make these special gifts… just in time to make it on Santa’s sleigh!  So my pick for Game of the Week or even Gift of the Week – Glass Crystal Ornaments!


Glass Crystal Ornaments

With all that is going on, special gifts are even more meaningful this year.   Amusement Masters is pleased to announce Crystal Glass Ornaments as a new option with your event planning and gift giving needs.

This unique gift is a keepsake that will be sure to be a family heirloom.   Crystal Ornament can be as personal as you would like them with company logos, family pictures and team pictures.   Amusement Masters will put together the Xmas orn3most treasured gifts by just encasing a high resolution photo.   Let Amusement Masters help you with making your next event memorable with these special keepsakes. 


Visit us at to learn more about this year’s new hot item.  Xmas orn2

Xmas orn1


Game Girl’s Game of the Week: Be A Rock Star!!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

I am one of those people that sings in my shower, belting out the latest tunes I hear on the radio.  I swear I sing better than some of those artist, but hey, that’s just me.   Some people agree that I “really” can sing,  I just haven’t been discovered yet.  There are tons more like me, I just know it.  Waiting to get their break, waiting to meet the right person who can hook them up with someone at Sony Records. But hey,  they’ll just wait til that time comes.  

That time could come at your next event where they could record their version of  Tardy for the Party or Achy Breaky Heart. Right there in front of their co-workers, family, friends, wedding guests,  they could be making the demo cd that could change their lives. I’ve done it myself, and it sounds so cool, like a real cd!  I just haven’t met the right person to give it to yet. You and your guests could be like me and make a personal cd, custom with your name, company name or custom logo.  I mean, you’re the artist, you tell us how you want it to look and sound!  This is just one of my game picks for the week. It’s such an experience that I have 2 bonus picks this week!  

You can’t make a cd without something visual!  How is someone going to know about this fabulous sounding person without a video.  Yeah that’s right,  you need a video to make your personal brand stand out!    Make your own video to compliment your new cd!  This is the time to channel your alter ego with costumes, props, and so much more.    This is just going to make this a stand out experience.  You can really rival some of the artists and what they do in videos all at your event!    This will make this one of their best, best, best events.  

Like I said,  I’m so excited that I have one more game pick for the week!  Ok, so you’ve got the cd, the video, now all you need is a knock out photo.  You know, the picture that is really really going to wow them.  The one where you can let your imagination run free to really show them all of your creativity!   We’ve got Green Screen Photos too!  We can super impose you on anything, just from the picture you take.   This will really leave a lasting impression. A total package impression!   Call me to give you more details on these cool ways to make your event the talk of the town, and who knows you or someone you know might get discovered!

The holidays are here and everyone is looking for something to make their event special, unique, and fun for everyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are planning the office holiday party, soiree for friends and family, you want a special event to celebrate. You want your friends, family,and co-workers to let loose and have a good time. Don’t plan a stuffy, boring or predictable party,  let Amusement Masters customize an event for you. We have lots of fun and creative options that will have everyone anticipating your next party. 

CD Recording Booth- Encourage your guests to step outside of their comfort zone or showcase their talents in the CD Recording Booth.  They can record a special gift for someone singing their favorite song to their someone special.These keepsakes can be printed with the date, company logo, family name,  or customized with your event details. 

Make Your Own Music video this season to show after that holiday dinner or company party. What can be more fun than watching this kind of home video?   Use our props and costumes, which are included,  to just enjoy the moment and get into your newly recorded song from the CD Recording Booth.   The music DVD can include event details, logos, family name. 




Green Screen Photos-  Tell them to let their imaginations run wild and be the top model in their own photo shoot, posed in front of your dream destination, or  standing next to your favorite star!  We’ll take their picture, then use computer software to superimpose them on their own magazine cover, cd cover,  beach scene, movie background.  The possibilities are endless.  All you do is direct the shoot and Amusement Masters will make it happen.GSMagazine


Breaking News:Amusement Masters Live with Dance Heads

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Holy Cow – we are going to be LIVE on TV tomorrow night!!   You have to catch me making my LIVE debut. Oh yeah, weare featuring Dance Heads too!  See the “OFFICIAL” Press Release.  They accidentally left my name off, but that’s okay, cause I’m going to be on TV!

Catch us live on CBS Atlanta, Channel 46, Saturday, October 31st at 7pm, right after the game and click on the Dance Heads logo for a demo!




Atlanta, October 30, 2009- Atlanta based interactive game and amusement company Amusement Masters and their premiere product, Dance Heads, will be featured on CBS Atlanta’s Primetime show  Live on Saturday, October 31 at 7pm EST on Channel 46 Atlanta.
Following the Georgia Bulldogs at Florida Gators football game, Amusement Masters will have fun with the Better Morning Atlanta Hosts while showcasing Dance Heads.  Kelly Smink, owner of Amusement Masters says “This is our second year bringing Dance Heads to CBS Atlanta.  We are honored by the request to do the show live with them this year.” Senior Account Executive Karen Scullion and Account Manager Tane’Ya Shavers will present Dance Heads and walk the Better Morning Atlanta Hosts through a few songs – guaranteed to bring a few laughs!
Dance Heads® superimposes participants’ heads on professional dancers’ bodies while they lip sync to some of the greatest pop hits of all time. The mesmerizing effect is completed with fully animated backgrounds. Up to three guests at a time can lip sync to the song while their animated bodies dance to the music.  Amusement Masters is a licensed provider of Dance Heads®, the video green screen marvel which is garnering attention and raves from audiences nationwide, making it the “must have” activity for any event or party.

Amusement Masters is an amusement company that provides comprehensive interactive solutions for a diverse range of clients nationwide. Their team has proven expertise in creating great experiences through an approach of fun and professionalism.
If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call (770) 451-9111 or e-mail Kelly at


Game Girl’s Game of the Week: Casino Party Time

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

A Casino Party  is the perfect customizable event.  Whether it’s for networking, fundraising, themed parties or just plain fun – a Casino Party  is the way to go to take your event to the next level.  The great thing about casino parties is that it’s fun for all ages!

We can customize playing cards, play money, poker chips, cigars, green screen photos to match your event theme and so much more.  Our dealers know their stuff – too!  And if you want an Emcee or DJ – we’ve got you covered.

I am going to have the  crew setup a Texas Hold ‘Em table and I will deal you a hand or two – call me first, though, cause I can show you some samples of chips and money with YOUR logo on ‘em.


Amusement Masters’ Casino Party is my pick for Game of the Week – it will be yours too!




There is nothing that comes as close to a Las Vegas Casino as an Amusement Masters’ Casino Party. The atmosphere is Infectious, Fun and Exciting.
Amusement Masters can provide you with an unforgettable Casino experience with our state of the art Casino Game Tables and our experienced & professional dealers you’ll forget where you are. 
*Craps pictured above.

BlackjackA Vegas standard for every casino, Blackjack is easy to learn and fun to play.





Texas Hold’em
 The hottest Vegas card game around, Texas Hold’em will keep your guests entertained for hours.

ROULETTE (2)Choose your color, spin the wheel and see if the ball drops on your color.





Learn About Custom Blackjack Tables 
Heads Up World Poker
Skill Stoppers
Video Horse Racing



Game Girl’s Game of the Week: PlayMotion

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

I hate to brag, but well, Ok – I have to say it – I just LOVE PlayMotion!!! 


There I said it and judging from the responses we’ve had since we debuted PlayMotion at MPI’s Meet Different Conference in Atlanta this past February, so do many of you!


It’s not that you can’t turn a plain wall into an interactive magical playground – you can with PlayMotion. 

It’s not that your imagination can’t become a  reality – it actually does with PlayMotion. 

It’s not that it’s limited to kids or adults – EVERYONE who uses PlayMotion, loves PlayMotion! 


So my pick for Game of the Week goes to PlayMotion – come in and check it out for yourself, I will leave the light oGigin for ya!





Just didn’t have the right Idea ….

Transform Your Event Space with 

next generation crowd-based interactivity!




The PlayMotion! 


playmo_spectrum1_mThis system includes EVERYTHING you need to transform your space into a dynamic playground welcoming to adults and children alike. Participation is guaranteed.  Includes Fast Eddy Billiards, ShufflePuck, Muscle Beach Volleyball and more YOU CAN PLEASE EVERYONE… (Click on the picture to see a demo!)